What do you know about Artificial Intelligence 2023

What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

We were frequently in wonder after watching all those science fiction films as children, and the majority of us hope to create those humanoid robots someday. When we were growing up, we experienced a tremendous surge of technical improvements that made life easier. Artificial intelligence, which deals with the imitation of human intelligence in computing devices and systems, is a vital component of recent technological advancements.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

The digital revolution is being implemented throughout almost all industries employing AI technologies, making it one of the most in-demand careers today. We want to give you a comprehensive overview of how to pursue a career in artificial intelligence through this blog, including information on the courses you may take and the field’s wide range of applications.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The term “artificial intelligence” refers to intellectual capacity that has been created artificially. The creation of intelligent machines, particularly intelligent computer programmes, is the science and engineering of artificial intelligence, according to John McCarthy, the founder of machine intelligence.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

A branch of computer science, artificial intelligence has all of its foundations in computing systems. AI’s ultimate goal is to develop machines that can behave intelligently and independently while minimising manual labour and human labour.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

It imitates human intellect through machine learning. Some of the most effective applications of AI technology include Siri, Alexa, Tesla automobiles, and online services like Netflix and Amazon.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

There are certificates in robotics and automation engineering that can lead to a job in artificial intelligence, as well as bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees, available in applied artificial intelligence, computer science engineering, and mechanical engineering.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence


Studying an academic program in this field, you will be equipped with knowledge of the wide and complex concepts of AI as well as the various technologies used to build efficient digital and robotic devices. Here are some of the major topics that you can expect to study in AI courses:

Types of Artificial Intelligence:-

The types of artificial intelligence are explained below:

  • purely reactive
  • limited memory
  • brain theory
  • self-conscious

How did Artificial Intelligence start?

Although it barely began in the 1950s, artificial intelligence gained popularity in the 1970s. Japan was the first to act and began a programme dubbed Fifth Generation in 1981. It provided a 10-year development plan for supercomputers.

Later, Britain developed a project for this called “Elvi.” A programme dubbed “Esprit” was also launched by nations in the European Union. A partnership called Micro-Electronics and Computer Technology was founded in 1983 by a number of private businesses to create cutting-edge technology applicable to artificial intelligence, such as Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits.

Artificial Intelligence Courses

As artificial intelligence touches many different fields and requires multidisciplinary education and training. The different courses that are offered in this are made to fit the needs and requirements of people with different backgrounds. In this regard, we have provided a list below of both the specific and general AI courses:

Artificial Intelligence Aptitude:-

Below are the common qualifications for Artificial Intelligence:

  • Students must have completed at least 10+2 in order to enrol in Bachelor’s and Master’s level courses in Artificial Engineering at an accredited institution.
  • Together with English language competence exams like IELTS or TOEFL, etc., passing the GRE is required.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related field is necessary for students choosing to enrol in Master’s level courses.
  • To pursue a Bachelor of Engineering degree in India, several schools and institutes demand scores on entrance exams like the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Also, several institutions and colleges hold their own entrance tests. It is vital to achieve the grade standards given by the university for these courses taken abroad, which can vary from university to university and subject to course.
  • Most of the foreign universities require SAT score for Bachelor’s and GRE score for Master’s courses.
  • For studying in foreign universities, SOP, LOR, CV/Resume and portfolio are also required to be submitted.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

What do you know about Artificial Intelligence


Businesses are using AI to build better relationships with their customers as well as deal with tasks that would otherwise be performed by humans but can be done faster using robotic process automation. Furthermore, websites are increasingly using machine learning algorithms to figure out the best ways to serve customers.

Chatbots are incorporated into websites as one of the many artificial intelligence applications in the business world to guarantee rapid client assistance. AI has the ability to improve customer experience overall, boost revenue, do predictive analytics, and develop productive work processes.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence


In the field of education, artificial intelligence (AI) has fundamentally altered the way that conventional teaching methods are carried out. Digital technology can be used to provide smart content through online study materials, e-conferencing, etc. as well as to grade assignments.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

Apart from this, AI is also being used efficiently by admission portals like Leverage Edu to help students find the best fit courses and universities as per their preferences and career goals. There are myriad other applications of Artificial Intelligence in education such as online courses and learning platforms and digital applications, intelligent AI tutors, online career counseling, virtual facilitators, among others.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

Health care

Since it has transformed medical technology, diagnostics, research, and other areas of the healthcare industry, artificial intelligence has established itself as a significant and effective technology. Artificial intelligence has several vital applications beyond employing computational technology to diagnose diseases more accurately and quickly, as sophisticated algorithms can be utilised to mimic human cognition when analysing and interpreting complicated medical and healthcare data. CouldWhat do you know about Artificial Intelligence

AI systems can handle huge chunks of data and analyze them to suggest the best methods of treatment. Many healthcare companies have also designed digital applications like Lybrate, WebMD, etc., where patients can report their ailments and seek medical assistance from healthcare professionals.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence


The use of artificial intelligence in the banking industry is also expanding quickly. Many banks across the world already use artificial intelligence to facilitate online banking and identify behaviours related to credit card theft. Nearly every bank offers its customers an internet app where they may follow account activity.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

Make online payments as well as anti-money laundering patterns as well as payment fraud detection. Renowned companies like Mastercard and RBS Worldpay equally rely on AI and Deep Learning.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is a key factor in predicting future market trends in the financial sector. The primary goal and objective of AI-based financial technology is to carefully examine the dynamics of stock trading.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

Using various applications of artificial intelligence, the finance industry is incorporating adaptive intelligence, algorithmic trading and machine learning into financial processes. Based on the prediction of market prices, they help individuals to make the right decisions.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence


The lives of farmers and crop production are being severely impacted by a number of climate change-related challenges. Several AI-based machines, including robots and algorithms, are at the vanguard of the effort to address the agrarian issue by assisting farmers with sustainable agricultural output. They assist farmers in identifying more effective weed control strategies for their crops.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

Blue River Technologies has provided an excellent illustration of how Artificial Intelligence applications in agriculture may be used by developing devices that can identify weeds on cotton plants. With the aid of computer vision algorithms, these automated devices spray plants to protect them from herbicides.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous Vehicle

Autonomous vehicles, also known as self-driving cars, are vehicles that can operate without human intervention or with minimal human input. These vehicles use various technologies, including cameras, sensors, and artificial intelligence (AI) to navigate the roadways and make decisions about how to respond to traffic, obstacles, and other environmental factors.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous vehicles are designed to increase safety, reduce traffic congestion, and provide mobility to people who may be unable to drive themselves, such as the elderly or disabled. They can also reduce the need for parking and decrease the environmental impact of transportation by optimizing routes and reducing emissions.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

There are different levels of autonomy in autonomous vehicles, ranging from Level 0 (no automation) to Level 5 (full automation). At Level 0, the driver has full control of the vehicle, while at Level 5, the vehicle can operate on its own in any condition and does not require a human driver.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous vehicles are still in the early stages of development, and there are many technical, legal, and ethical challenges to overcome before they can become a widespread reality. However, many companies and organizations are working on developing and testing autonomous vehicles, and it is likely that they will become more prevalent in the coming years.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Example

Some examples of artificial intelligence examples are given below:

Top AI Inventions of 2022

Below is the list of top artificial intelligence inventions of 2022:

  • More Power to Language Modeling
  • SSL for Image Modeling
  • Conversational AI
  • AI-Based Cybersecurity
  • Computer Vision Technology in Businesses
  • More AI-driven Scientific Discoveries
  • Explainable Artificial Intelligence
  • Developer Productivity

Artificial Intelligence Courses and Top Universities

In the broad field of artificial intelligence, AI robotics courses are offered that can equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to build mind-blowing technological innovations. The table below lists some of the leading universities and their possible courses that are designed for those interested in pursuing a career in Artificial Intelligence:What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

Course Univercity Location
BSc Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Northumbria University UNITED KINGDOM
B.Sc Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Stony Brook University AMERICAN
BSc Mechanical Engineering-Robotics University of Hartford AMERICAN
BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science University of Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM
Bachelor of Software Engineering – Artificial Intelligence Torrance University Australia
Diploma in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Algonquin College Canada
MS in Artificial Intelligence Boston University AMERICAN
MSc Human-Robot Interaction Tufts University AMERICAN
MSc in Human-Centered Bigdata and Artificial Intelligence Swansea University UNITED KINGDOM
MSc in Applied Artificial Intelligence Cranfield University


Best Global Universities for Artificial Intelligence

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
2. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), USA
3. Stanford University, USA
4. University of California, Berkeley, USA
5. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
6.  Harvard University, USA
7. University of Edinburgh, UK

Application Process:-
The application process for admission to foreign universities is as follows-


  • The first step in your application process is to choose the right course, for which you can shortlist your preferred courses with the help of AI Course Finder.
  • After contact with experts they will start your application process of multiple universities through common dashboard platform.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence
  • The next step is to collect and organize all your documents like SOP, essay, certificates and LOR and required test scores like IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT etc.
  • If you have not yet prepared for your IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT, GRE etc exams which is definitely an important factor in studying abroad, then you can join Leverage Live Classes. These classes can prove to be an important factor in getting you a high score in your test.
  • After submitting your application and all required documents, experts will start the application process for accommodation, student visa and scholarship / student loan.
  • Now it’s time to wait for your offer letter which may take around 4-6 weeks or more. The last step in your application process is to accept the offer letter and pay the required semester fee.

Required Documents:-

Some of the important documents are listed below-

  • official academic transcript
  • Scanned passport copy
  • IELTS or TOEFL, required test scores
  • Professional/Academic LORs
  • S.O.P.
  • Essay (if required)
  • portfolio (if required)
  • Updated CV/Resume
  • a passport and student visa
  • bank details

Entrance Exams

Here is a list of all nationally and internationally recognized entrance exams that universities in India and abroad use to admit students to engineering degrees-

SAT (For Bachelors Abroad) GRE (for masters abroad)
JEE Mains JEE Advanced
MERI Entrance Exam


Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence

As previously said, a good education in artificial intelligence will equip you for jobs in a variety of industries and for positions ranging from entry-level to senior-level. The top employers include businesses that deal with information technology and gadgets, including Apple, business analytics, financial wealth management, data analysis, and healthcare administration.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

After getting a degree in computer science or a similar discipline, you can investigate the numerous employment options in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The key profiles that you can apply for to pursue a career in artificial intelligence are given below.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

  • research assistant
  • machine learning engineer
  • big data analyst
  • Consultant
  • software analyst
  • algorithm analyst
  • AI analyst
  • statistical scientist
  • programmer
  • business intelligence developer

Job Profile and Salary

The average salary of an engineer often varies based on qualification, location and years of experience. Companies typically pay lower salaries to entry-level engineers, while senior engineers with more responsibility can earn a higher than average amount. Below is the salary of Engineer according to Payscale-

Job Profile Estimated Annual Salary
machine learning engineer INR 3 Lakh-16 Lakh
business intelligence developer INR 7 Lakh-15 Lakh
industrial engineer INR 5 Lakh-10 Lakh
robotics engineer INR 5 Lakh-10 Lakh
data scientist
                 INR 10 Lakh-15 Lakh
automobile engineer INR 6.5 Lakh-10 Lakh
communication systems engineer INR 13 Lakh-20 Lakh
logistics engineer INR 8 Lakh-10 Lakh
instrumentation engineer INR 5 Lakh-10 Lakh
manufacturing and electrical engineer INR 15 Lakh-20 Lakh
mechanical design engineer INR 5 Lakh-10 Lakh


What is the meaning of artificial intelligence?
Artificial intelligence is a sub-division of computer science and its roots are based entirely on computing systems. The ultimate goal of AI is to create devices that can act intelligently and independently and reduce human labor and manual work.What do you know about Artificial Intelligence

Who is the father of artificial intelligence?
gregor john mendel

Which computer language is used in artificial intelligence?

What is the duration of a bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence?
The maximum duration for a bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence is 4 years.

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