Top 10 World's Most  Expensive Colleges

Harvey Mudd College -

That's the most expensive school in the world. In 1955, Harvey Mudd College opened its doors to the public as a private institution. The university prioritizes STEM fields and the arts and humanities.

Johns Hopkins University -

According to our research, this institution ranks as the second most expensive college or university worldwide. Private education is offered at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Parsons School of Design -

This institution ranks as the third most costly school in the world. Local artists and designers tend to attend the Parsons School of Design. A college at the New School and one of the institution's five total.

Dartmouth College -

We also included the 4th most expensive university in the world in our list. Eleazar Wheelock founded Dartmouth College in 1769, making it one of nine institutions in the United States that had been chartered prior to the American Revolution.

Columbia University-

Based on our research, this is the sixth most costly school in the world -the oldest university in the United States of America. King's College was founded in 1754 when King George II of Great Britain announced a royal charter for the King's College.

New York University-

New York University, which comes at number six on the list of the world's most expensive universities, is also ours. It is the world's top university for international students who want to study at a higher level, and it is the most prestigious university in the United States.

Sarah Lawrence College -

This institution ranks as the seventh most expensive school in the world. It was formed in 1926. Women working in the arts and humanities have also benefited from the college's excellent educational opportunities.

Wesleyan University-

Wesleyan University is a private institution that is found in Middletown, Connecticut. The now- secular institution opened its doors to male students in 1831.

The University of Chicago -

This one comes in nine on the list of the most costly universities. In 1890, the University of Chicago was recognized as the top academic institution in the United States. Students from all across the globe apply to the world's top universities (University of Chicago).

Claremont McKenna University -

This institution ranks as the world's tenth most costly school. The greatest top colleges in the Western United States; these institutions are among the top 18 in the country. The Princeton Review ranks it as the country's second-happiest institution.