Top 10 Most important Bizzare TV Projects Of All Time

Star Wars Holiday Special

The star wars Holiday Special proved to be worse than any other star wars projects that came before it or after


A show following a relatively obscure character from X-Men comics, Legion depicts the struggles of David Haller

Invisible Child

The whole show was weird and awesome but part 8 from season 3 was on a whole other level

-Invisible Child

A TV movie that never even hints at comedy, like most other strange projects do, invisible child depicts the story of a woman with two children

Future Man

A comedy show about a time-traveling janitor trying to save the world from destruction , Future man is utterly Bizzare both on paper


It's somewhat remarkable that Hannibal was ever created , let alone by a major chennal

The Shivering Truth

Production that seems to draw a great deal from the Twilight Zone , The Shivering Truth is as horrifying as it is fascinating

Doom Patrol

"Doom Patrol is all the weird parts of superhero comics that no sane man would ever want to adapt and I'm eternally grateful that someone did


Though the show was recently cancelled , Happy! Was a series that has a cult following thanks to its ridiculous premise

Too Many Coock

An 11 minute presentation on adult swim that initially seemed liked a typical sitcom introduction

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