7 Richest Pets In The World!

Whether or not you have one of your own to cuddle with, there's no denying that each one of these bundles of love is to die for. Tap for your daily dose of cuteness!

Furballs Living Their Best Lives

This German Shepherd is worth $500 million, and owes his generational wealth to the late Countess Karlotta Leibenstein who died in 1992, willing her fortune to Gunther III, Gunther VI's grandfather.

Gunther VI

Taylor Swift's feline is worth $97 million, having earned it from starring alongside the singer in music videos, and in big- budget ads! The Scottish Fold also has her own merchandise line.

Olivia Benson

Each of Oprah Winfrey's pet dogs have their own trust fund, and are collectively set to inherit $30 million when the talk show host passes away.

Sunny, Sadie, Layla, Lauren, Luke

Karl Lagerfeld's Birman cat inherited $13 million after the Chanel designer passed away in 2019.


Nashville, Tennessee resident Doug the Pug is a celebrity dog with a large social media following, and a net worth of $2 million


This four-year-old Golden Retriever won the 2021 Pet Influencer Award and has a net worth of $1.5 million.


This Shiba Inu from Japan is one of Instagram's most famous celebrities. He has 2.4 million followers, has appeared in TV advertisements, and has a net worth of $1.5 million.