10 Most Heartwarming Calvin and Hobbes Comics


Calvin and Hobbes are shown throughout the strip's history to be nearly inseparable from each other

Snow Day With Dad

Calvin's dad is often shown to be a hard-working, often strict man throughout Calvin and Hobbes

It's A Magical World

One of the best parts of Calvin and Hobbes was always how well it captured Calvin's sense of wonder about the world

A Christmas Hug

Christmas is one of Calvin's favorite time of the year, and features pretty heavily in Calvin and Hobbes

The Raccoon

Even though the story is a THAT'S sad one, it is still meaningful and often touching, as Calvin and his parents genuinely care about saving the raccoon

Hobbes' Wish

Calvin and Hobbes have very different personalities sometimes, and Hobbes often has to step in to show Calvin the moral of the moment

A Father's Wisdom

Telling Calvin "facts" like the sun setting in Arizona and it catches on fire

A Bright Fall Morning

Throughout Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin is often tormented by the school bully Moe

A Mom for a Mom

When his mom is in bed with a cold, Calvin tries his best to cheer her up the way she helps him when he is sick

Treasure Everywhere

A perfect representation of the spirit of the strip, this cartoon shows off how Calvin and Hobbes could find fun in pretty much anything