10 Best Music Dacumentaries

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week

For many music fans, Ron Howards Eight Days A week is pretty much the definitive chronic of the beatles early career

There's no denying the success that oasis achieved throughout the 1990s, quickly commenting themselves as one of the all-times great

No Direction Home 

No Direction Home 

Most audience will know Martin Scorsese from his many successful movies like the departed and Goodfellas

Hitsville: The Making Of Motown

The Making of Motown decides to chronicle the incredible birth of an entire genre through several interviews

The Wrecking Crew

The Wrecking Crew was directed by Deny Tedesco, The son of legendary guitarists Tommy Todesco

Sound City

Directed by music legend Dave grohl, the exhilarating Sound City focuses not on a specific artist but rather on a location

Metallica: Some kind of Monster

Some kind of monster attempts to bring these issue to light, whilst remaining incredibly true to the band's music end ethos

Medonna: Truth Or Dare

When it's comes to documentaries that truly aim to shock and distrub the audience , Truth or Dare definitely deserves a spot on that list


The documentaries is both informative and entertaining, with plenty of catchy music to keep the audience invested

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Britney: For The Record

Britney Spears has found herself in the public eye more and more freior late

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